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Our Instructors believe that nothing feels better than strong.



senior instructor

  • Raised in Charlotte, but this southern girl is not afraid to sweat

  • Mom of 3, call me coach…give me a whistle, and I’ve been known to drop the hammer!

  • Speech-language pathologist…you better mind your p’s and q’s in class

  • Jam bands - aside from my husband banging drums, I love a little 90’s remix

  • I make a mean egg sandwich

  • My fav quote from Instagram: “With the right music you either forget everything or you remember everything.”

senior instructor

  • Nicknamed the Spin Doctor and knows it can cure pretty much anything. So work it out- Doctor's orders!

  • Ohio raised, sunshine driven. Found the perfect balance in the Queen City.

  • Outnumbered by 3 dogs and one kid. Can decipher grunts, howls, and growls. Keep 'em coming.

  • Strongly believes in the power of perspective: We can, we will (watch us!)

  • Ride. Rock. Repeat. Is there anything better?

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  • North Carolina native

  • Lives for the music and the ride

  • Alt rock flavor, with a crunchy 90's hip hop coating and surprise in the center

  • Dig deep and see what happens next!

Erica P.

  • Southern California native finding home in the CLT

  • Hover mom to a fox-puppy named Mila

  • Runs a coffee blog + instagram account called The Coffee Nomad

  • Believes music can push you further than you thought possible 💪🏻💥



  • Charlotte transplant. Born and raised in Richmond, VA

  • Communications Assistant with the United States Olympic Committee. Go Team USA!

  • Self-proclaimed movie buff. He can identify a quote from any movie

  • Favorite college team is the South Carolina Gamecocks

  • When he isn't spinning, he's traveling around the world or to a new city

  • Believes that with the right music, energy and attitude, every workout can be your best workout



  • From one Queen City to the other: Cincinnati >> Charlotte

  • Wife, mother of two teen girls and the sweetest puppy on earth

  • Pop, rock, country, rap, 80s, 90s, boy bands. You name it, I’ll play it. I take requests!

  • Neat Freak! Enough said.

  • Believes finding an exercise you love and don’t dread is the key to healthy relationships and longevity.

  • Vice: Wine. That’s why I cycle…no guilt!



  • Texan at heart but Queen City lover

  • Usually traveling or exploring Charlotte with husband, baby, and fur baby

  • Die hard Blue Devil fan

  • Cookie cake and red wine vices

  • EDM and pop hits on the bike, country at home