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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a bike?

In order to book a bike, you must either create an account online or login to your existing account and then either purchase a class or package of classes or have at least one class in your account. Then simply go to the schedule page, choose your class, and reserve your exact bike.  

We post a fresh set of classes each week on Sundays.  Riders can then see classes for the upcoming week as well as the following week.

When is the schedule updated?

Do I need an account?

Yes, you must create an account before you can reserve a bike. Click on Login/Register to get started.

Do I need to be physically fit to do this?

CYCLESOUTH IS FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS! Indoor cycling can be a strenuous activity, but you control the resistance and the pace of your workout. The trick is to find a good balance between pacing yourself and pushing yourself. We have riders from age 13 to 78!

Do you have showers?

YES! Our men’s and women’s locker rooms have showers with toiletries and towels. We have hair dryers as well. We simply ask that you shower quickly to allow others to shower as well.   

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable workout clothes. You will sweat! We recommend lightweight clothing such as tank tops and leggings for women and t-shirts and gym shorts for men. Be comfortable!  Cycling shoes are not required but are strongly recommended, because they provide for a more efficient, smoother ride. Our bikes support both SPD and LOOK clips and have shoe cages for tennis shoes. We have cycling shoes you can borrow!

What do I bring?

Bring water, your workout clothes and don’t forget socks! You can purchase all these items from our front desk if you forget anything. You don’t need a towel or a lock for your locker - we have these items for you to borrow. 

Do I need cycling shoes?

No, our bikes are equipped for your hard-soled tennis shoes. That said, we HIGHLY recommend cycling shoes because they provide for a more efficient, smoother ride. Our bikes support both SPD and LOOK cleats. You can bring your own shoes or we have cycling shoes you can borrow! 

Can my son or daughter ride at CycleSouth?

Yes! We just have a few requirements. Your child must be 13 years or older and must be at least 5 feet tall (sorry… the bikes are designed this way!).  Parents must review, sign, and turn in our Minor Participation Waiver at the front desk. Check out our new teen ride - $10 every Sunday at 3:00pm!  

Do you have child care?

Sorry, we do not offer child watch at this time. Stay tuned though - we have offered it before and may do in the future. 

Do you sell water or other drinks? Do you sell any food items?

Yes, we sell water by the bottle. We also have a drinking fountain if you want to fill up a water bottle. We want you to be hydrated for class!  

Do you have lockers? Do I need to bring a lock?

Yes, we have lockers in our locker rooms so you can efficiently prepare for class and then get ready for the rest of your day! Unfortunately, we do not reserve lockers, so you must remove your items after your class. Lockers will be cleaned out at the end of each day. We have locks you can borrow - just ask!  

Where do I park?

We are located in the Transamerica building, next to Rock Bottom Brewery, only a FIVE minute walk from Trade & Tryon. We have convenient and easy parking in our garage under our building! The parking garage can be accessed from either 7th Street or 8th Street. A validated ticket is required. Validated parking specifics are:

Mon–Fri (3:00am – 4:59pm):  Up to two hours for $2.00 (with validated ticket)
       PLEASE NOTE:  after 2 hours, riders will be charged $3 for every 20 minutes
Mon-Thur (5:00pm – 2:59am):  FREE (with validated ticket)
Fri-Mon (5:00pm – 2:59am):  FREE (with validated ticket)

Do you offer private events for group rides?

Yes!  We offer group ride experiences for private events, including:

  • Wedding parties, bridesmaid parties, groomsmen parties

  • Business events, team outings

  • Charity events

  • Birthdays and anniversaries

Contact us today for more information

Are there age, height and/or weight requirements?

Yes. You must be 13 years or older, 5ft. or taller, and less than 350 pounds. Additionally, if you are between 13 and 18 years old, we require your parent or guardian to sign a waiver permitting your participation. You can download the waiver here or request one at our front desk.

Can I ride if I am pregnant?

Yes. Many pregnant women find indoor cycling to be a great low impact exercise; however, your physician must agree that you are in good condition to ride. Please alert the front desk staff or your instructor before class.